This ramp was created by many hands in June 2019.

In spite of the rising temperatures, the Christian Men’s Fellowship has managed to complete five (5) wheelchair ramps so far this year.

As you know, seven (7) of the Christian Men’s Fellowship pioneers are approaching eighty years of age—one is eighty-seven (87) years old.

It is well known that we need to recruit more young people. It seems logical that some of these younger persons ought to come from St. Andrew’s and St. Cyprian’s.

Thankfully, the LDS Church of Darien has provided up to four (4) Elders and up to four (4) Sisters plus up to nine (9) members of the Church.

We had up to twenty-one (21) participants show up to work for Project #177 on Saturday, June 15.

It may be a while before any new project can be scheduled as the summer heat and humidity increase.

People who helped:

Wednesday Night:
Steve Borup, Chico Caldwell, Jonathan Pittman and Sean Hurd

Thursday Night:
Ron Dionne, George Wallace, Chico Coldwell, Jonathan Pittman and Sean Hurd

Monday Morning:
Michael Turgeon, The Pittman FAMILY: Jonathan, Celeste, Elena, Grace, Jonathan and Charlotte


For the “ALL” The Work They Have Done on Previous Ramp Project without us,

And use of the Trailer and Tools and even though they were not there for this one.

“Their Spirit” was with us there.