The participants in the Christian Men’s Fellowship represent the churches listed below, located in McIntosh and Glynn Counties. Currently, St. Andrew’s Episcopal, St. Cyprian’s Episcopal, Morgan’s Chapel Methodist, Fort Frederica Presbyterian, Emmanuel Methodist, St. Mark’s Episcopal and Church of LDS are involved. As many as 21 men and ladies from these churches have helped us build six (6) wheelchair ramps so far this year. Given the unusually high summer temperatures, we were blessed to have completed this many ramps.

Since June 2003, our group has completed wheelchair ramps and other home modifications, i.e., handrails and special stairs, for one hundred seventy-eight (178) citizens of Liberty, McIntosh and Glynn Counties through the end of August 2019.

It is our intention to continue to involve men from other churches in McIntosh and Glynn Counties and to build a strong, functioning ecumenical relationship while serving our community as Christ’s hands and feet. The bond of fellowship between all members of our group is deep and continues to grow with each project we complete. We meet on the third Saturday of each month for breakfast at B&Js Pizza for fellowship and to discuss pending projects.

In addition to participants from St. Andre’s and St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Churches, our group of regulars includes 3 participants from St. Mark’s Episcopal-Brunswick. Additionally, 3 brothers from Brunswick joined us along with Elders, Sisters and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Darien, GA. bringing much needed youth to augment our aging though, loyal participants. Some have been working with us for the entire sixteen-plus years.

Thankfully, other churches in our three county area have stepped up to provide accessibility for their communities and we are getting fewer qualified applicants. We have a good working relationship with L.I.F.E. This organization has been very proactive in qualifying applicants.

Respectfully submitted,

Peyton Lingle
Christian Men’s Fellowship
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Partner Churches
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Darien Church of Christ
Darien United Methodist Church
Emanuel Methodist Church
First Presbyterian Church of Darien
Fort Frederica Presbyterian Church
Morgan’s Chapel Methodist Church
Nativity of Our Lady
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Church
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church

CMF Pioneers

David Bluestein
Carl Brown
Scott Cunningham
Steve Dwelley
Jim Flesch
Ron Frazier
Danny Grace*
Richard Hough
Jack Johnston
Gene Keiger
Herbie Kempert*
Peyton Lingle*
Joe Malbasa*
Allen Manier
Chris Milner*
Rick Ogden
Mickey Olsen
Fr. Bob Reese
Jack Rhodes
Bruce Smith
Arthur Stewart

*still active

Honor Roll

Fr. Alan Akridge
Harrison Akridge
Tyson Anderson
Elder Arave
Elder Atkin
Dave Barney
Robert Barney
Thomas Barron
Bill Barton
Carl Baumgardner
Elder Bedford
Elder Bennett
Darrel Bilberback
Steve Borup
Chico Caldwell
Chico Caldwell
Elder Brown
Tommy Brown
Lanny Burnett
Elder Christianson
Fr, Ted Clarkson
Elder Cook
Jeff Cowles
Caleb Currier
Elder Davis
Furman Davis
Elder DeGraw
Sister Desmond
Ron Dionne
Toni Doliviera
Sister Duncan
Pete Durand
Ty Foster
Ricky Fox
Robert Fox
Ronnie Fox
Elder Free
Cameron Griffith
Sister Hall
Kyle Hawkins
Bill Hill
Bill Hinson
Bubba Hodge
Elder Hosking
Cecil Hudson
Sean Hurd
Elder Ivie
Elder Josse
Elder Kautai
Sister Kicenski
Elder Kunde
Sister Kurtz
Bob Langston
Rob Lear
Jack Lingerfelt
Floyd Lowell
Kevin McAuliffe
Jug McKenzie
Elder Maschek
Sister Paeselt
Tony Paez
Joseph Padgett
Bill Pelligrini
Celeste Pittman
Charlotte Pittman
Elena Pittman
Grace Pittman
Jonathan Pittman
Ron Popiel
Elder Redford
Elder Richins
Larry Ridenhour
Don Schoonove
Sister Sosa
Brent Strong
Michael Turgeon
Mike Van Brudt
George Wallace
Sister Wasden
Lamar Williamson
Ed Winslow