Are you new?

Questions you may have . . .

 Is it casual attire?

We have a come as you are policy. There will be some in their Sunday best, while others will be wearing jeans or shorts. We want you and your family to feel comfortable in whatever style of dress you feel is appropriate. We welcome visitors and look forward to making your acquaintance. St. Andrew’s and St. Cyprian’s

Do you have a contemporary service?

The services at St. Andrew’s and St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Churches are generally in the “Rite II” mode. This means the language in the Episcopal liturgy is more modern. During Lent and Advent, we often elect to use the older format of “Rite I” with more formal language. Our music includes a blend of song types including hymns, spirituals, and contemporary music. At St. Andrew’s, the choral anthem is often a moving piece of any of the aforementioned types of music or a scored performance piece. St. Cyprian’s does not have a choir, but its parishioners lend their joyful voices to all the song selections.

What about children at services?

Children are welcome in the services. However, if a child becomes upset, it is considered courteous for the parents to remove them from the nave until they can compose themselves again.

How do I take communion?

All baptized Christians of any denomination are welcome to take communion at our altar rails. Ushers invite the congregation in the pews sequentially to walk to the altar, take the next available spot at the rail, and receive communion. Not everyone decides to take communion, and that’s fine too. Those who walk to the altar rail have the option of kneeling or standing at the rail with hands cupped together before you. (If you don’t wish to receive communion and wish to receive a blessing, come to the altar rail and crisscross your arms on your chest.) The priest will offer the bread (a thin wafer) to you, by placing it in your palm. You may elect to skip the wine, in which case you eat the bread. You may elect to take the bread and wine separately, so you eat the bread and await the cup of wine. You may elect to keep the bread in your palm and a Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM) will approach with the cup. The LEM will pick up the wafer, dip it in the wine, and place it on your tongue. Alternately, if you’ve already eaten the bread, you will help the LEM guide the cup to your mouth by touching the bottom of the cup. Take a sip of wine. After you finish communion, you return to your pew. If you are unable to walk to the rail, let the usher know, and the ministers will bring communion to you.

How do I learn more about the church?

Visiting the website is a great start! Listening to the pre-recorded sermons is a fine way to get acquainted with Father Ted Clarkson. We have basics for both churches in our Episcopal Community posted on this website. Stop by the church office and ask for our information packet. Come to a service and see if we are your cup of tea – and we hope we are!