Serving McIntosh County, Georgia and the Episcopalian Community

St. Andrew’s and St. Cyprian’s Episcopal Churches

 Saint Andrews

Our mission at St. Andrew’s is to know Jesus Christ better and to reach out in His Name to others through evangelism and mutual respect of all human beings, and to honor Him as Head of the Church through our worship, stewardship, education, pastoral care and fellowship.

Church History

In 1841 at the direction of Bishop Stephen Elliot, a group of planters and other citizens of McIntosh County organized a mission congregation under the name St. Peter’s Church, Darien. A year later, the name of the congregation was changed to St. Andrew’s and the congregation was admitted as a parish in the diocese in 1843. The first rector was the Rev. Richard T. Brown.

The first church building was completed in 1844. It was located a short distance north of the current St. Andrew’s church. The Civil War was not kind to Darien or St. Andrew’s. From 1862 to 1866, the parish was abandoned. in 1863, Union troops, including the 54th Massachusetts under the command of Colonel Robert Shaw, burned Darien. This action was ordered by Colonel Montgomery of Kansas, and Col. Shaw, who was reluctant to burn the town, wrote to his mother about his distress over the burning. Col. Shaw was killed in action shortly thereafter.

Some healing began when, after the war, at the urging of the Episcopal church ladies of Darien, Mrs. Shaw and some of her friends sent money to assist in the rebuilding of St. Andrew’s. Although those funds were used to construct a church at the Ridge, members of the parish eventually raised the funds to buy the lot where the Bank of Darien had previously stood and to construct the present St. Andrew’s church building on Darien’s historic Vernon Square. The building was completed and consecrated in 1879. In the years since 1879, the fortunes of St. Andrew’s rose and fell with the fortunes of Darien’s boom or bust economy. On several occasions, St. Andrew’s transitioned from being a self-supporting parish to a mission church and back again. In 1989, St. Andrew’s regained parish status and has remained a self-supporting parish in the diocese of Georgia.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Vestry 2022

Suzanne Forsyth

Nette Brimer, clerk

 Latrelle Gore, treasurer

Tom Draffin

Mary Sawyer, Senior Warden

Meg Wallace

Tom Gore, Junior Warden

Amy Pontello

Chad Simpson