Our youth programs consist of in-school tutoring for fourth graders and after-school programs for fifth through eighth graders. Although these programs operate individually, volunteers are welcome to participate in multiple youth ministries. Each creates a bridge with the young people of our community and helps them to grow into well-rounded and confident individuals.

Children who have had a good experience in the tutoring program are often interested in joining the fifth-grade after-school program, Community Cares Café (C3), which solidifies the relationship they have with our programs and our volunteers. In time, these children and others find a home in our youth groups for sixth through eighth graders. At each stage, children, youth, and teens are given opportunities for personal growth. Our programs blend fun, fellowship, and spiritual growth as the leaders convey God’s love and grace.

 Tutoring for fourth graders meets twice per week, Tuesdays for reading and Thursdays for math, at Todd-Grant Elementary School. Reading comprehension and multiplication tables are emphasized, as well as engaging students in reading and math games to build skills. During the 2018-2019 school year we had about 10-12 students and 5-6 tutors each week.

 Community Cares Café (C3) for fifth graders meets Tuesday afternoons at the Parish House on the grounds of the church. Children are fed a hot meal and enjoy outdoor and indoor play. Activities include life skills, arts and crafts, science and nature lessons, and games. During the 2018-2019 school year we had 10 children at C3 with two or three volunteers assisting.

 Monday Youth Group for sixth graders meets Mondays after school at the Parish House on church grounds. Like Community Cares Café, students receive a hot meal and time to choose indoor and outdoor activities. Youth Groups have a spiritual component and after a lesson drawn from the Bible or tradition, activities expand upon the lesson and bring it to life. Youth group members also engage in service projects in the community. During the 2018-2019 school year we had 10 children at Monday Youth Group with one or two volunteers assisting.

Thursday Youth Group for seventh and eighth graders meets Thursdays after school at the Parish House on church grounds. While the Thursday group shares the same lessons and activities as the Monday group, their discussions and activities are informed by their maturity as a group and as individuals. They too enjoy the fellowship of a shared meal and time spent in activities as they build a strong community of their own. They also engage in service projects. During the 2018-2019 school year we had 12-14 students at Thursday Youth Group with two or three volunteers.

Laura Evans, Youth Minister